Edward’s grandfather is on one of the images shown on the Pod! 

E: “If that’s the Headlands grandfather’s on this picture! I have got photographs, one when he went in as a young man in his twenties. And I’ve got another photograph from when he came back – and he aged twenty years!”

C: “My grandfather was in the Durham Light Infantry. He was in the First World War.” He got set on fire in Russia!”

E: “The 2nd Batallion went to the Crimea and they were stationed at Batumi in Georgia, and they were protecting the oil fields. When the Russian Revolution started the Durham Light Infantry were attacked by the Bolshevics, and my wife’s grandfather, he got set on fire! And a Russian woman came out and wrapped him in a blanket. And from there he went to Turkey, and from Turkey he went to India wher he caught Malaria, then he came back.

But my grandfather on there. They raised the 9th Siege Battery, the Royal Garrison Artillery, from the Headland. And he went over to France. I have a little book of the history of the 9th Siege Battery, where they went, what guns they had, all the battles they fought in. And it was the Battle of Passchendaele where the Artillery unit was completely wiped out by German guns. And when his gun was knocked out, he picked up a Belgian Officer and carried him to a place of safety. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre!”

EDWARD & CAROLE POWELL (Hartlepool) Image