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Hartlepool Mail - World War 1 Poetry Competition

Poems that were entered into the competition:

The Bomb by Anna Kroon age 10

It was a dark night, the night it happened to me,
I was sitting in my room, gazing out to sea.
I was watching all the fishing boats, nose against the glass,
Watching the waves come and go, waiting for time to pass.

I was waiting very patiently for Daddy to come home,
Fishing in the icy sea, sailing all alone.
My Grandpa looking after me, was growing grey and old,
They stayed with me forever, the stories that he told.

The time with my Grandpa was always safe and snug,
Cuddled in the comfy chair, next to Grandma's rug.
Then there came a tumbling, a rumbling from the sky,
A noise so loud and scary that it made me start to cry.

I opened up my window and then slammed shut my door,
But all I saw out of that glass was rubble and bricks galore.
I could hear a siren whirring, a whirring in my head,
Screams and cries, a child has died; the streets are full of dead.

This was the day my childhood stopped, my innocence gone forever,
Fond I was of the memories of the days we'd had together.
As the darkness folded in, his body was carried home,
Never would he sail again, all across the foam.

Charlotte Newbegin age 7

It's very loud and noisy
There's banging everywhere
Where's my mammy?
I can't see her anywhere
An old man helps me run away
To find somewhere safe to stay
I hear someone shouting me
Then suddenly I see
My mammy running up to me
I am so happy, my
mammy is my best friend
I wish this war would come to an end

Danger by Amber Rose Miley age 6

Save me from the dangers,
It's the war it's the first war of the world
I need to hide
Quickly Grandad run
You need to hide will it ever stop
We need to go home
Cross your fingers it might stop