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Hartlepool Mail - World War 1 Poetry Competition

Poems that were entered into the competition from Hartlepool Youth Service:

Poem by Stephanie Stokle

Every day people are dying, constantly worried of surviving.
Every minute, every hour, one by one they die in sorrow.

Poem by Jessica Harker and Naomi Burn

Running, hiding to the nearest shelter,
Screaming children shouting for help,
Bullets shooting from everywhere,
Killing the innocent and the peace.
There is no silence just screams and cries then nothing! but the destroyed lives.
Bricks, bodies and rubble lay on the floor
This couldn't get worse, anymore!

Poem by Paul, Demi, Charlie and Mel

Daughters, mothers, nurses ...
Sons, fathers, soldiers...
Unsuspecting shadows floating slowly by
Gigantic, menacing waves crash on the rocks highlighted by the sky,
Scared, screaming, smashing..
Terrified families flee the devastated site ...
Through the blood and tears all families unite 
And then I died a painful death.

Poem by Oliver Pinsent

What are they thinking, are they gone in the head.
Northern khaki uniforms are turning red.
Hartlepool lads defended the land while the huns couldn't wash the blood from their scarlet red hands.