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Hartlepool Mail - World War 1 Poetry Competition

Bombardment by Baileigh Musgrove age 15

Screaming, shouting, running
dodging, blinking, breathing,watching

Mourning, grieving.
Victims' hopes destroyed like
their homes.

Forty minutes like years for some.
Over in two, for the unfortunate ones.

Silent Night by Alex Foster age 15

Silent night, holy night
Shore once clam, burning bright.
Round the injured, vulnerable child
Heedless town once cautious and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Early morn, done night
Townsmen quake
frozen in fright
Shrapnel rains from heavens afar

Bombardment by Becky Dobson age 15

The cold December breeze,
gave my skin a purple tint.

The screaming children,
my ears hear nothing but them.
The blinding light from the explosion,
reflecting the tears of fear rolling.

The heat radiates.
I forget about the cold December breeze.

Joe Bell age 15

Look to the heavens,
See the heavy rain,
Of metal bombs and shrapnel
That bear the gift of pain.

I'm not a fan of carollers
but I'd wish to have them here
Silent Night, Away in a Manger
to help fight the fear.

I hear a child's scream
there is no silence tonight
the aluminium birds
are putting up a fight.

I think I'm going to die
by God's side I'll take the seat
as the bombs rain down
on Victoria Street.

Jacob Clyburn age 16

Very yellow white flash
Disruption of black infinity
momentary German fulmination
the exploitation of hostility.

A cold drizzle of December flames
Crushing and conquering the Reich
had said.  Striking the breath
from the innocent British structure.

St Hilda had saved many before,
but this very mourn we were alone.
Victoria was screaming,
for her street was no longer her own.