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Hartlepool Mail - World War 1 Poetry Competition

Riya Mighoskar - age 15

Darkness and cold surrounds me,
As I walk down Victoria Street.
Embracing the hustle and bustle,
Greeting the people I meet.

Then suddenly a deafening bang sounds
And everyone crouches down low,
I see bodies lying calm and still,
Like angels in the snow.

The sun has graced us with it's presence
By falling from the sky,
Balls of fire latch onto buildings,
On to people passing by.

The smoke continues to cloud my vision,
My view is black and grey,
The sun has decided to leave us again,
It has decided not to stay.

But then time flies, among the chaos,
The smoke has cleared the air,
Several bodies cover the ground,
As well as a single teddy bear.

And when I look and gaze and stare
I know there'll be no more sun,
The peace, serenity is undoubtedly gone
The war in Britain has begun.

Lizzie Cooper - 

Army Man's Girl

I usually have a slow task
A respectful and sorrowful job,
The Christmas rounds of the dead collection
The widowed stifle to sob.

The hailing weaponry
The thundering shots,
Begin to make me wonder
Do I have the better job?

Normally it's the sick
Sometimes the old,
But today began the day
The young men began to show.

Bullets to the back
Limbs left behind,
Souls carried with me
Some of the foreigh kind.

I can't remember faces
I have no recollection of names,
But one unfortunate child
Caught in the violent games.

She clutched a one-eyed bear
Tear frozen in her eyes,
I know in not the decider of death 
But this girl could have survived.

I craddled the girl
I'd never see this before
An innocent life taken
By an utterly man made war.

My job isn't the greatest
Nor is it the worst
But i'll never forget this soul
The innocent army man's girl.