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Hartlepool Mail - World War 1 Poetry Competition

Mia Crawford - age 15

The heaviest it had ever rained
Breaking the silence
Of cold winter mornings
Falling to the once peaceful ground.

Children screaming
Parents running
Seeking safety
No where to be found.

The omniscient sun
Watching through the 
Thick grey clouds of smoke.
Waves of fire taking the lives of the innocent.

Standing in the light,
The glow of fire
In their eyes,
On their cheeks.

Waiting for the end,
Waiting for peace.

Madai Din - age 15

The Bombardment of 'Artlepool'.

Men in lines marching,
Marching towards the unknown crack in the darkness.
St. Hilda's Church outline in the distance.
A Headland sea breeze filling panic stricken lungs.
There's no way out.

Stopped dead,
Explosions causing buildings to disappear,
Like Elephant Rock.
Terror expressed.
The need to turn to forceful
There's no way out.

The world paused, silent.
Breath caught with no release.
Forever passes, no sign of movement
Then it hits,
There's no way out.

The rings from from cries,
Like jingle bells in harmony.
Children.  Open eyes.
Their screams sync sweet melody.
There's no way out.

Distracted men.
Bleeding wine in unity, under yellow, 
The darkness takes over with no break.
Screams no longer escaping mouths,
The 'Artlepudlian' life sucked away.